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Prioritizing Transportation Improvements
Prioritizing Transportation Improvements
Which transportation improvements do you feel should be highest priority and why? Pick your top 3.
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Prioritizing Transportation Improvements
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Folsom is a wonderful place to live. The City's high quality of life will attract more residents in the future. This growth will put pressure on the existing transportation system. There are a range of strategies for relieving this pressure, including building new roads or widening existing roads, improving the transit system to encourage more transit ridership, and improving sidewalks and trails to make the city more walkable or bikeable. There are also technological solutions, referred to as Intelligent Transportation Systems that can reduce congestion by improving signal timing and providing travelers with important information (read more: http://www.sacog.org/its/).

How do you think the City should prioritize improvements to the transportation system to accommodate future growth in a way that maintains the high quality of life?


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